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Katcha-Māori, let's katch up

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

One of Engagement Officers for 2019, Atawhai Ngatai has written our first event blog! Check out some of her thoughts from Katcha-Maori 2019. Thank you for everyone who made this awesome event possible. For those of you who weren't able to make it this year, make sure you come to our other events running throughout the year!

"Each year Ngaa Tauira Maaori hit things off with our first event, Katcha-Maori. It is a weekend focused on linking with new tauira, having heaps of fun and showing them exactly who NTM are in three days packed full of activites that appeal to literally everyone! From paintball, to Sons of Zion, ice skating, ngaa akoranga Maaori and all the random games in between, we have all bases covered.

As Maaori we understand that it can isolating being in a new place without a stable network of people to keep you rooted in your Maaoritanga, and it is an entirely new challenge to navigate for almost everyone when starting out at university. A main purpose of Katcha Maaori is presenting that gateway for tauira Maaori to feel comfortable here at university, bringing them into our whaanau and being that home base for them.

Over the three days of Katcha, it was hard not to meet a new best mate or a cousin you never knew you had because the entire weekend was aimed at building these connections and finding out who everyone is. Being my second Katcha I had an idea of what to expect, but actually being there and experiencing everything with everyone was so much cooler than I can make it should (one of those you had to be there moments). The Sons Of Zion performance on our first night (so good!), the paintball and ice skating the next day (even better!). Even with slight mishaps in the schedule, some of my favourite memories happened when we have that down time together to just crack some jokes, have a laugh and play around.

Sons of Zion performing at Shadows

Hiraia gearing up for paintball!

My highlights of Katcha Maori

  • Getting to know new and old tauira

  • Making an even bigger NTM whaanau

  • Not getting shot at paintball!

Ko te ngako o te kaupapa Katcha Maaori ko te hononga o te taangata. I te urunga tuatahi o teetahi ki te kaupapa o Katcha, naa maatou ngaa tuaakana o Ngaa Tauira Maaori te whakaritenga kia karanga atu ngaa waewae tapu hei tomo mai ki te whare oo Ngaa Tauira Maaori hei kainga rua maa raatou, hei noohonga maori ki teenei taaone paakeha oo taatou.

Naaku iti nei, Atawhai Ngatai"

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